Integrative Care

The integrative health care approach is the collaboration of physical, emotional, and cognitive therapies that promote a healthy body and mind. At Asira Medical, Dr. Monica Grover provides complete integrative health care solutions for patients and emphasizes improving their overall well-being.

Our integrative care treatment program at our Manhattan and Yorktown Heights facilities is personalized according to the unique needs of every patient.Dr. Monica Grover holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and biology, a Master of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition, and double-board certification in Family Medicine and Obstetrics.

Our integrative health care facility in Yorktown Heights, NY is well-equipped to provide customized healthcare plans considering all aspects of the patient’s health condition. Schedule a consultation today.

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Integrative Care FAQs

What does integrative care mean?

Integrative care is a comprehensive, holistic approach that combines traditional medicine and mental health practices for the most advanced healthcare treatment. The integrative care treatment plan addresses the patient’s biological, psychological, and social needs.

The treatment plan is designed by a team of interprofessional experts, including primary care physicians, psychologists, and other health professionals, depending on the patient’s needs. Asira Medical is the leading healthcare facility providing the best Integrative medicine in Manhattan, NY.

What constitutes integrative care?

Integrative care is personalized care focused on a person’s — mind, body, and spirit. It is a unique healthcare approach that addresses the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and environmental influences that affect a person’s health.

At Asira Medical, we combine conventional treatment with medication, vitamin and mineral supplements, and complementary modalities (such as therapy solutions for depression and anxiety) to promote mind-body health. Our doctors assist patients in making the necessary life changes and adapting various healthy mind-body practices such as yoga therapy, mindfulness training, and more.

How Does Integrative Care Works?

The concept of integrative care is constantly evolving and improving every day. It usually works by exploring and developing new treatment options by integrating mind-body therapies, nutritional guidance, meditation, resilience training, and nutritional medicine to empower patients and develop healthy behaviors that lead to a long and healthy life.

It usually varies from patient to patient, depending on their specific health status. It has proven to be most effective in treating many medical conditions, including cancer, chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorders, depression, anxiety disorders, and stress.

Who can benefit from integrative health care services?

The integrative health care practices feature psychologists and physicians working together with pediatric, obstetric/gynecological, and family practice experts to add unique value and improvement to the patients’ quality of life. Therefore, this approach benefits people in many ways, such as:

  • Reduces/eliminates depressive symptoms
  • Enhances quality of health care available to patients
  • Lowers overall health care costs
  • Improves quality of life

It is a healing-oriented approach and thus, can benefit people from all walks of life who want to lead a healthier life with a holistic medicine approach. To determine if you can benefit from integrative health care in NY, schedule a consultation with our healthcare specialist Dr. Monica Grover today!



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