Physician Guided Weight Management

Obesity and low self-esteem are the leading causes of depression and other major illnesses among a majority of Americans. Although many individuals take action and follow dietitians and gym trainers as a way to lose weight, the results may not be promising. Most importantly, patients in primary care or undergoing treatment cannot access such resources.

Thus, physician-guided weight management in New York has become a convenient and safe practice to undertake under the direct guidance of your physician. Our medical director, Dr. Monika Grover, employs innovative techniques to help build sustainable habits for you to achieve your ideal weight with a healthy mind & body.

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Physician Guided Weight Management FAQs

How Physician Guided Weight Management Works?

Physician-guided weight management is a medical approach crafted by a trained doctor that involves an amalgam of nutrition, exercise, and other necessary weight loss regimes. This ensures long-lasting weight loss results as compared to the other methods of weight management.

Also known as medical weight management, the process does not simply focus on dropping the pounds on the scale. Instead, the doctor works on uncovering the underlying habits that act as catalysts for obesity or compulsive eating among the patients. Depending on the case as well as the condition, your doctor may also include certain medication in the routine

How is Medical Weight Management different from other weight loss methods?

Medical weight management is a relatively new concept in the healthcare industry. Thus, it is natural to confuse it with other weight loss techniques such as crash diets or personalized workout regimes. However, medical weight management programs are extremely different from all of the other methods of weight loss. In other weight loss methods, a dietician or a fitness trainer solely focuses on making you fit or reduce weight in a given time period.

However, in medical weight management, your doctor puts together a plan that includes a combination of nutrition, exercise, as well as behavioral patterns that often lead to obesity and low self-esteem. Thus, the habits are more sustainable and the results are more long-lasting.

How effective is Physician Guided Weight Management?

Most medical weight management programs in New York have a patient-focused nutrition and exercise plan that a patient must adhere to. The doctors also maintain accountability by asking the patients to check in routinely. Unlike other commercial diet plans, physician-guided weight management involves meal replacements that help curb cravings.

Hence, this aids in establishing healthy eating habits as patients only choose nutritious options. Moreover, some physician weight loss programs may also focus on a very low carb diet which leads to a process called ketosis. Ketosis helps our body break down the stored fat resulting in faster and longer-lasting weight loss and healthy outcomes.

Physician-guided weight management programs at Asira Medical’s Manhattan and Yorktown Heights facilities are highly effective. Dr. Monika Grover at Asira Medical has extensively studied clinical nutrition and is a pioneer in her field in creating the most effective medical weight management programs.

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