Preventative Care

Preventive Health Services help in the early diagnosis and prevention of major diseases. Asira Medical is a leading expert in preventive health care services in Manhattan and Yorktown Heights, NY. Dr. Monica Grover and her experienced staff provide annual checkups, physicals, vaccinations, and more to protect, promote, and maintain the health and well-being of individuals.

So, if you want to discuss any medical concerns with an experienced doctor, reach out to Asira Medical and book an appointment at the earliest.

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Preventative Care FAQs

What is preventive care?

Preventive Health Care focuses on detecting and preventing any major disease. Asira Medical specialists employ state-of-the-art medical equipment to perform necessary screening tests to diagnose any underlying conditions or help uncover early symptoms. Common examples of preventive healthcare services at our NY facilities are annual checkups, vaccination shots, blood pressure testing, complete blood workup, etc.

Why is preventive care important?

Preventive care keeps you aware of your current body condition, healthcare needs, and future risks. It is the first line of defense against any chronic illness. Asira Medical’s proactive approach in providing preventive health care at Yorktown heights and NY facilities has helped many patients avoid life-long treatments. Therefore, it is highly essential to maintain good health with regular preventive measures.

When to seek preventive care?

Asira Medical’s director, Dr. Monica Grover recommends that no one should delay their annual health checkups, irrespective of their age. Most people act reactively by seeking medical attention only when the symptoms become unbearable. Preventive health care services by Asira Medical act as a savior by reducing your medical expenses and helping you improve your lifestyle.

For further assistance, call Asira Medical’s offices to book an appointment with our preventive care specialist in New York.

How are preventive health services different from diagnostic health services?

Preventive healthcare services include only exploratory screenings. The technician who performs the tests isn’t looking for any specific problems. It is more generalized to ensure the healthy functioning of internal organs. On the other hand, diagnostic services are always recommended when an abnormality is found in the initial tests. Hence, diagnostic care can be dubbed as non-preventive care, rather than specialized healthcare.



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